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PHECC First Aid Response (HSA Approved for Workplaces)
Safety Officer Training
PHECC Cardiac First Response (CPR & AED)
First Aid for Babies & Children
Fire Warden Training




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iconmonstr-adhesive-bandage-3-64 FIRST-AID COURSES  FOR WORK. FOR LIFE. FOR PLAY.




NEW! PHECC First Aid Response 3 Day iconmonstr-arrow-28-48

The Health & Safety Authority now recognises the PHECC First Aid Response (FAR) training course as meeting the needs of Occupational First Aid.


NEW! PHECC First Aid Response Refresher 2 Day iconmonstr-arrow-28-48

This 2-Day course is open to anyone who currently holds a valid Occupational First Aid or First Aid Response Certificate which is due for renewal – even if the previous training was not provided by us.



Cardiac First Response (CPR & AED) Half Day iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

Participants will learn the basic techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), how to use an AED and the action to take in the event of choking for adults and children.


First Aid for Babies & Children 3 Hours iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

The ideal introduction for parents, parents-to-be and family members to the common injuries and medical emergencies affecting babies and children.


Basic First Aid 2 Days iconmonstr-arrow-28-48

Participants will learn a range of practical basic first aid skills so that they can deal competently and confidently with common injuries at home, at work, during leisure time or in the community.


Emergency First Aid 1 Day iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

This unique one-day course has been specifically designed to equip participants with the practical and essential life-saving skills needed to cope in an emergency situation.


Paediatric First Aid 2 Days iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

Comprehensive 2-day course is particularly suited to parents, family members and those that work with and care for young children.


First Aid for Early Years Staff 3 Days iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

For those that work with and care for young children. Recommended by the Department of Children & Youth Affairs.










Manual Handling Half Day iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

Designed to equip participants with the knowledge and practical skills to complete unavoidable manual handling activity in a correct and safe manner.


Fire Warden Training Half Day iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

This half-day course will prepare employees to act in the capacity of Fire Warden or Fire Marshal in their place of work.


Safety Awareness Training 1 Day iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

This one-day introduction to Health & Safety is ideal for managers, employees new to a Health & Safety role or for those who require refresher training in the area.






iconmonstr-flip-chart-4-64 INSTRUCTOR TRAINING COURSES PHECC 





Coming Soon! PHECC First-Aid Response Instructor 2 Days iconmonstr-arrow-28-48 

We are one of only a few institutions currently recognised by PHECC to deliver First Aid Response Instructor training.









The Order of Malta Ireland Training Services team can also offer support and solutions to the needs of clients across a range of health and safety matters in the workplace. We can provide training for Safety Officers and Representatives, offer assistance and guidance with carrying out risk assessments, conduct VDU assessments and design and deliver site-specific emergency training. We can be your partner in keeping your workplace safe for all.








Order of Malta Ireland Training Services provides the highest standards in professional training, delivered by an experienced team that is highly skilled and truly passionate about empowering their students with life-saving skills. For decades, we have been working with hundreds of Irish and international clients in the delivery of training courses to both small and large companies, voluntary groups and individuals.


We have the people, the knowledge and the experience to help you create a safer environment in which to work, live or play – with Order of Malta Ireland Training Services… you’re in safe hands!





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