Cadets & Youth



Our Cadets are the junior section of the Ambulance Corps aged between 10 and 16 and are organised into units throughout the Republic and Northern Ireland.


Order of Malta Cadets is a recognised National Youth organisation and a member of the National Youth Council of Ireland.


Cadets are trained in basic life saving skills – First Aid, CPR, assisting with activities of daily living. We run annual competitions at both a Regional and National level which run in conjunction with our National Cadet Weekend.


Our cadets are actively involved in the community helping the elderly and disabled both locally and internationally. They also attend first aid “duties” with members of the senior units at events such as GAA matches, novenas, fun days, athletics and other sporting activities.


The Order of Malta provides opportunities for Cadets to have fun through outdoor activities, discos, sports, crafts, hobbies and competitions.


Our principle aim is to provide young people with challenge and personal development opportunities. We run a Cadet Achievement Programme in which a cadet undertakes a number of challenges under various headings such as life skills, community, safety and communications. When a Cadet has completed tasks from 10 of the sections they are eligible for a Director’s Award, which is the highest award a cadet can receive.


For more information and support, contact your local unit or email